Why We Don't Offer Rented Referrals At This Time

If you've been on at least one PTC or GPT site (other than ours), you've probably seen "rented referrals" offered at least once. We don't do them here...and we have our reasons.

There has been some negativity about rented referrals

People who review PTC and GPT sites tend to be critical of sites that offer "rented referrals," and to be honest, for good reasons. 

Don't get us wrong - obviously, we have nothing against PTC sites (owning one ourselves), and we have used other PTC sites - including those who offer rented referrals, and for the most part, we have had no problems making a profit on our rented referrals.

However, many are starting to not like the business model behind "rented referrals" because many unscrupulous site owners have literally set up sites with fake rented referrals that always seem to make just less than the cost of monthly rental for the referral (for example, you might pay 20¢ for a rented referral for 1 month, and none of your "rented referrals" ever seem to make 20¢ per month.) Granted, there are never any guarantees with any referrals (and you should not walk but RUN from any PTC or GPT site that guarantees results of ANY referrals, whether organic, purchased, or rented, because it may mean they are botting their own website, and therefore scamming their own advertising customers with low quality or even downright fake traffic!) It's left a bad taste in people's mouths about rented referrals, and PTC/GPT surfers are justifiably leary of messing with any site that offers rented referrals.

However, we have used reputable sites with profitable rented referrals...

Not all, and we don't believe even most, GPT and PTC sites who offer rented referrals are scammers at all. In fact, quite a few highly rated reputable sites like Cliquesteria, Ojooo and Scarlet Clicks actually have pretty good rented referral programs. All of these sites are rated as LEGIT on FoxyRating.com, which is a good place to check the legitimacy of a site. We have never had a problem making a profit off of rented referrals from any of these sites (though we usually use the revenue we make from Cliquesteria to promote our Rotate4All link or even NadiaClicks!)

We'd rather sell referrals than rent them.

We get why people like the idea of being able to rent or buy referrals. Not everyone is as good at getting direct referrals as some can be.

Most PTC and GPT sites who offer rented referrals charge anywhere between 15¢ and 25¢ for them. You can buy referrals, as long as they are available, on NadiaClicks for just 50¢. Black Friday Special - 60% Off Purchased Referrals until 12/31/2021! We can't promise they'll always be available. We don't use bots like the scammers do. That's also why we cannot guarantee their performance (though most of our users are performing.) All referrals are accounts made by actual humans all over the world. 

We also cannot guarantee the performance of any referral. You may get one like we have from Bulgaria on Scarlet Clicks, who has made us $14.00 so far (we paid $1.00 for the referral, which is what Scarlet Clicks charges to buy referrals.). Or you may get one who never does anything. We don't charge to delete referrals, either...but we recommend keeping them. Sometimes they come back later and check the site out, and you have absolutely no limit how many referrals you can have, regardless of your membership. It's possible you'll get a few who just never seem to click at all. That's just a chance everyone takes in the PTC and GPT world.

On legit sites, Rented Referrals are no more reliable than Organic or Purchased Referrals, and don't walk but RUN from anyone who tells you otherwise.

We have seen PTC and GPT websites which try to "guarantee" the performance of their rented referrals. Any person with half a brain knows that this is a scam that you should not walk but RUN away from.

No legitimate PTC or GPT website can guarantee the performance of any referrals, whether organic, purchased, or rented, unless they are doing something to cause the results, such as padding their membership list with fake accounts using multiple IP addresses, or using bots to create fake usernames.Low quality automated traffic will eventually cause them to lose their advertising customers, get blacklisted by Rotate4All (which can be a death sentence for a PTC or GPT website), and/or something else that causes them to eventually go out of business.

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